List Feature Example : E-mail this file

This list feature enables users to directly e-mail documents to external people. (This list feature example should only be activated on document library type lists)


Installation Guide

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have installed the framework first!

Once you've downloaded the zip file of this example:
  1. Unzip the contents of the zip to a folder on a SharePoint frontend
  2. Rename the setup.exe.bak file to setup.exe
  3. Follow the instructions of the SharePoint Installer

Activation Guide

Once the solution is installed, follow these instructions:
  1. As the list feature is a site feature, you first have to activate it on site level.
    1. Go to Site Settings
    2. Click on Site features under Site Administration
    3. Activate the List Feature : E-mail this file feature by clicking on the Activate button next to it
  2. Go to the Document Library on which you want to enable the feature (this example only supports Document Library type lists (eg. Picture Library, Form Library, ...)
  3. Go to "List Settings"
  4. Click on List features under List Administration
  5. Click on "Add a feature"
  6. Add the List Feature : E-mail this file feature by clicking on the Add button next to it
  7. Configure and activate the list feature


List manager can adjust following properties
  • default subject of the mail to send
  • default body of the mail to send
  • display name of the menu items

Developer Notes

This list feature contains two custom actions:
  • a menu item in the Edit Control Block menu of the document
  • a tool bar item in the view properties page of the document

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