Installation Guide

As the List Feature Framework is packaged as a SharePoint Solution (.wsp), the installation takes place completly on one of the Front-End server of your SharePoint farm. Be sure to log in with sufficient permissions. Following permissions are needed when installing new SharePoint Solutions:
  • The user needs to be a local administrator of the front-end server
  • The user needs to have db_owner permissions on the SQL database

You can add and deploy the solution using the STSADM.EXE application or you can use the provided setup.exe installation application. This application is the fantastic SharePoint Installer, developed by Lars Fastrup

After installation, you activate the framework on your site collections


1. Unzip the contents of the zip to a folder on a SharePoint frontend


2. Rename the setup.exe.bak file to setup.exe


3. Follow the instructions of the SharePoint Installer


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