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List Features

List Features are componentized expansions on the SharePoint list level, much like site or site collection features. To use a list feature on a list or document library, you need two components:
  • List Feature Framework - This is the framework we provide, it enables the use and development of list features.
  • a List Feature - This is the actual functionality you want to add to your list or document library. We provide you with an example.

Advantages of list features

  • Multi-instancing - List features can be added multiple times
  • Parametrization - Features can allow the user to change settings and parameters

Elements of list features

  • Support for original SharePoint elements
    • Item Event Receivers
    • Custom Actions: ECB menu
    • Custom Actions: Standard menu toolbar
    • Custom Actions: Form menu toolbar
    • Feature Event Receivers - Additional synchronous as well as asynchronous events when adding, activating, deactivating and removing features
  • Support for extra elements, not available within the original SharePoint feature framework
    • Timer Job Definitions - Timer jobs are automatically installed and the user can change the default schedule through the interface
    • Work Item Job Definitions

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