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Project Description

The List Feature Framework is an extensible framework written in C# to allow componentized expansions on the SharePoint list level, much like site or site collection features.

SharePoint uses the Features framework to provide a pluggable mechanism for adding functionality at site level, site collection level, web application level or farm level. The SharePoint List Features Framework extends this functionality by providing a mechanism to add features for one specific document library or list within a SharePoint site.

List Feature Example - install and use this example by your self
List Feature Example


  • Multi-instancing - List features can be added multiple times
  • Parametrization - Features can allow the user to change settings and parameters
  • Support for original SharePoint elements
    • Item Event Receivers
    • Custom Actions: ECB menu
    • Custom Actions: Standard menu toolbar
    • Custom Actions: Form menu toolbar
    • Feature Event Receivers - Additional synchronous as well as asynchronous events when adding, activating, deactivating and removing features
  • Support for extra elements, not available within the original SharePoint feature framework
    • Timer Job Definitions - Timer jobs are automatically installed and the user can change the default schedule through the interface
    • Work Item Job Definitions


The List Feature Framework for SharePoint is an open source project driven by RealDolmen and developed by Tom Nys

RealDolmen’s mission is directed at enabling its customers attain their objectives by the optimisation of their company processes through innovative, effective and reliable ICT solutions.

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